Thursday, October 29, 2009

Buzz Saw

This quilt pattern is called Buzz Saw. Once again I used scraps trying to stick with 30's fabrics. I used a flannel back because I like how toasty warm flannel makes quilts. Making this quilt is quite easy. I just started with a half square triangle, sliced it into strips and sewed them back together in the opposite direction giving the buzz saw effect.
I gave it to a woman in my Church. Boy, sometimes it sure is hard to let go of a quilt I have made. I hope I'm not the only quilter who gets so attached to the quilts they've made that it is hard to give them away. Of course, seeing how excited someone is when they get one is good incentive to keep making them for other people.
I have been working on a Santa Cats table runner. I'm almost done. Just need to quilt it. Think I'll try my hand at machine quilting.....maybe. I've also been making hotpads. I need at least 25...I'm halfway done.
Thanks for stopping by and keep on quilting. Lynda


Mrs Moen said...

Lovely quilt, Lynda! I know what you mean about how hard it is to part with some quilts. If I don't start the quilt for someone else, I hardly ever give them away. However, I do make a lot of quilts for others, like you said, it's a great feeling:-)

Good luck on machine quilting the Santa's Cats table runner; you can do it!

Helen said...

That's a great quilt pattern Lynda! I'd like to give it a try myself and I too love flannel for the backs of quilts.
Sometimes I actually make two of the same quilt - one to keep and one to give away - I find this works well if the project is a new block - I get plenty of practice!