Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Geese Have Flown Away

A couple of years ago at a quilt retreat, one of my friends, Leslie, was making Flying Geese blocks....she must have had 500! I made some too but didn't match mine as well as she did. I THOUGHT I wanted a real scrappy look. However, she got tired of all the Flying Geese so I became the lucky recipient of loads of her blocks too.
The top 2 pictures are of a quilt that I made using my blocks. As you can see, it is nice enough and bright but the geese are almost lost in the confusion of all the fabrics together. In the bottom picture I used only Leslie's blocks and I think the quilt turned out much better giving it an organized scrappy look.
I have made 4 quilts so far out of these Flying Geese and I still probably have enough for one more quilt. I think I might like them as a border around some other scrappy quilt tho. We'll see.
Thanks for stopping by. Lynda


Brenda said...

I love flying geese!

Helen said...

I think BOTH quilts are just beautiful - I like your scrappy blocks just as much as I like your friends "arranged scrappy" blocks - the flying geese appear to be quite small - well done! I always find them a little tricky!!

Mrs Moen said...

I agree with Helen; both quilts are beautiful. I have confess - I love scrappy:-)

How lucky to receive lots of great blocks from your friend!

That Girl said...

I love this quilt! Flying geese is such a fun block to work with. I like the scrappy look too. :)