Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Spy

Every year I go to the Springville Museum Quilt Show. It is always really good and I see quilts made by lots of my friends. One year our Bee put a quilt in for judging. That was a real eye-opener. The judges are so truthful and tell you exactly what you did right and what you did not so right. It was a good learning experience tho.

Last year when I went to the show I saw a cute quilt someone (I'm sorry I don't remember the quiltmaker's name) made like you were looking through a magnifying glass finding little treasures. I decided I could actually copy that without a pattern so I went home and dug through my fabrics, added a few from a shopping trip, and came up with this fun quilt for a future grandchild. I made all the handles out of a wood-looking fabric and the outline of the glass out of black bias tape zigzagged down. I tried to match the "treasure" to the background fabric. My favorites were the snake and spider. But there are also a dinosaur in rocks, a frog in lilly pads, even a little girl in a bright pink dress in a bright pink square. This was a very easy quilt to make just finding backgrounds and "treasures" to match.

Today I am heading out for a birthday lunch with a couple of friends and a stop at a fabric shop (of course). I really need to find some fabric for something I'm sure!
Thanks for stopping by. Lynda


Denise said...

I think my family NEEDS one of these!....PLEASE!!!!! ;)

Mrs Moen said...

That's the cutest idea for an I spy quilt I have ever seen, Lynda!

I like how the the vinyl pockets turned out too; it's nice to have those little Eureka moments once in a while:-)

Guðrún said...

This is so special!