Saturday, October 17, 2009


Halloween has always been a favorite holiday of mine. Now that all my children are grown I have had to direct my enthusiasm for it to my grandchildren. A couple of years ago I sent them all things from the Wacky Witch. Every few days they would get a fun treat until Halloween day. They really looked forward to the mailman coming to see what the witch had for them that day. The mailman even told my daughter that he wanted to meet this Wacky Witch! I keep thinking I need to do that again but I put it off too late this year again. Things like that have to be purchased or made in advance since I was mailing them out starting the 1st day of October. I think I enjoyed it as much as they did!
So this year I made a skirt for my granddaughter Kelsey. I especially like the black pompoms along the hemline. The boys just got another scary shirt. I better be more prepared next year if I want to do it up right. (Cackle cackle)


Brenda said...

You always make such cute little things for your grandkids.

Helen said...

The skirt is so cute! I have a little 4 year old great-niece Chloe and I know she would LOVE it - is it just a rectangle with gathered waist? The bobbles on the bottom and the ric-rac are so reminiscent of skirts my own Mum made for me when I was very little (some years ago!). Halloween is not so big here in Australia, but any reason to make the little ones a hand-made gift is good enough for me! Even if it just ends up as a "dress up" item.

Mrs Moen said...

What a wonderful thing to do for your grandkids, Lynda! The skirt is so cute.