Sunday, November 29, 2009

Witches in Stitches

This is one of the patterns that I purchased while in Spokane visiting my sister, Jeanie. We both fell in love with the sweet faced witches. I came home and found that I had 8 different black fabrics that would work for their dresses and hats and even some wild fabrics for their stockings. I used buttons from my Mom's button box for their dresses and string beads for their shoes. After finding the perfect background fabric I sat down to make this table runner. The witches are fused onto the background and machine blanket stitched around. I only quilted around the outside border so that part wasn't too hard either. I think it turned out really cute.

I used embroidery floss for the hair by unraveling purple, green and orange floss then sewing it down at the hat brim.
Keep it a secret.....this is part of the Christmas present I am making for my sister. I sure hope she likes it.
Over the Thanksgiving holiday I didn't have to work (and since the TV was being held hostage by sports-sports-sports) I got a lot done in my sewing room. I tried my hand at machine quilting....not so successfully; worked on Seasonal Skinnies by Crazy Old Lady patterns from the Strip Club; and even (are you sitting down?) cleaned the sewing room! I know....there are counter tops in there...who would have guessed? I think I am almost done with Christmas gift sewing now. I really need to take my machine in for a checkup...its sounding kind of clunky.
Hope you are all happily getting ready for Christmas. Lynda


Pokey said...

Cute, I like the name of it, too.

Mrs Moen said...

That is so cute, Lynda; I'm sure your sister will love it!
You have got to love surprises like counter top sin the sewing room:-) I wonder what I'll find in mine when I finally get to it... Again...

Nicky and Patrick said...

I love those. The socks, boots and hair are great!

QuiltSue said...

Would you like my address, just in case your sister doesn't like it? (giggle)