Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wonky flowers

Done! Here is the wonky flower Buggy Barn Spring Fever quilt top. It went together quite quickly in just one week of sewing in the evenings. Once you start a Buggy Barn quilt it becomes addictive and you want to see what the next flower will look like. Two flowers didn't pass my inspection so I took them apart and mixed them up better. Somehow I had a light background with a light flower and a pink background with a pink flower. So I just took them apart and switched them around.
The quilt measures about 60 X 70 inches. I really love the purple sashing. The back of the quilt is the same fabric as the small squares in the sashing. I really love the way the flowers turn out so wonky with all 4 petals being a little different. This quilt is for my friend, Janine.
Now to make another "Cute Baby" quilt. My sister saw it on my blog and decided she needed one for her great grandson coming in June. I will be starting on that this weekend. The 2nd quilt of a pattern always goes together much easier than the first since hopefully I have made all the mistakes on the 1st one.
Happy quilting! Lynda :)


Brenda said...

It's lovely!

Pokey said...

It is really cute! You make me want to try one!

Nicky and Patrick said...

Very Cute. I do like the colors too.

Helen said...

Love the wonky flowers quilt Lynda. I am yet to try this method and every time I see one of your quilts.... I get all enthusiastic... maybe this time I will actually make one!! I'm piecing up a quick baby quilt too!

Happy Sewing!

Mrs Moen said...

Very pretty, Lynda; I love how all the soft colours work together!

Guðrún said...

The quilt looks so soft and beautiful.