Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We are not the LAZY Bee

A few years ago some of us started what we called the "Lazy Bee" because we didn't want structure, or deadlines, or a president, or dues, or any other "have to do" projects. But now we are thinking that we should call ourselves something different because none of us are anywhere near lazy and we all accomplish a lot! Anyway.....we met again today (boy am I glad I can once again meet with these amazing, talented and fun women).

Four of them, Brenda, Dee, Dixie and Suzanne, are working on the above pattern but each in a different colorway. This one is Dee's. Her applique is remarkable. Wish I would have done it....however the applique would have given me much unwanted stress. On my sidebar you can go to Brenda's blog at Meandering Quilt Thoughts and see her version of it too.

This is a row exchange that Dee is working on from another Bee that she attends. Her row is the baskets at the bottom. She made 8 different baskets. This is going to be a beautiful quilt for someone.

Don't know why no one wants their picture taken but I hurried and got this one before Dee could hide behind her beautiful work.

Claudia made this quilt from a monthly class she took. The quilting was done by Larissa Baldwin of Orem and is fantastic. Each of the watering cans have words, applique and some are 3 dimensional. I love all the bright and cheerful flower pots around the borders. Wish you could see this quilt in person!

Suzanne brought this quilt top that she says she has made 3 or 4 of now. She started with a large 12 inch square...then cut it 4 ways and sewed them back together. Don't know if you can see the secondary designs in it from this picture.

She also brought this wallhanging ready for quilting. The word "Spring" was paper pieced and the basket, flowers and bird were appliqued on. Suzanne is another fabulous appliquer.
I was working on my "Cute Baby" quilt but somehow didn't get any pictures of it. Happy quilting to you.


Brenda said...

Wow, great idea to post all of the cute quilts on your blog - they are gorgeous! Fun to see you today, we'll miss you at the retreat!

Mrs Moen said...

I agree that you are not a lazy group; you all do amazing work!
I would love to see a picture of your project too.-)

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful Lazy Bee quilts....they are beautiful!

Guðrún said...

Lazy Bee is a great name for your quilting group, as you say no deadlines etc.