Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Fever

The first Buggy Barn quilt that I made had me quite confused. Stack your fabrics, trace the pattern onto freezer paper, iron it to the top of the stack, cut along lines, mix up pieces, sew them back together on lopsided lines, square up to a finished block that is waaayy smaller than the original piece of fabric, etc. But after the first one, they have all been really easy since then.

The above picture is the latest one I am working on. It is called Spring Fever. The flowers are a little wonky.
This is the book the pattern came from.....Certifiably Crazy. I think most of their patterns end in the word crazy. The colors chosen for the quilt are soft pinks and greens with a few creamy whites thrown in with a few different textures in the fabrics also. The kit was put together by a quilt shop, American Quilting, here in Orem a couple of years ago. There are 24 flowers blocks using section A, B, C and D. As you can see, I now have section A and B together. This weekend I will probably get C and D complete so I can start sewing them together to make the crazy flowers.
It is so satisfying to see a quilt start to come together. Lynda


Sharon said...

Buggy Barn quilts are so fun....once you figure out the process. I have made a couple, several years ago, and they are in my box of tops waiting to be quilted. Have fun, can't wait to see how yours turns out!

Brenda said...

I did a buggy barn quilt once and it is one of my favorites. I love that flower pattern, maybe I'll make another - I think I even have that book around here somewhere.

Pokey said...

I've seen one of these done up, way cute! Your colors will work wonderfully!

Mrs Moen said...

The blocks sound like fun, and your fabrics soft and pretty; can't wait to see the flowers put together!