Monday, August 9, 2010


Got the edges trimmed and the 2 borders put on. Ready for the quilter!!

That's 3 for the quilter. Nothing pressing until I get them back and need to add the bindings.

AAhhhh............time to relax now. Lynda


Denise said...

You NEVER relax.....what are you talking about. I bet you have another quilt ready to be cut or are working on it in your head or even cut ready to be sewn or sewn ready to be bound. Did I cover all the bases of quilting? Hmmmmm....I know you too well (I'm JUST like that...always a project...never relax time).

Love you!

Brenda said...


Quilary said...

I'm sure by 'relax' you mean, 'plan the next quilt'.

QuiltSue said...

See? I TOLD you that railfence quilt was easy. That's why I called it Sew-Easy Railfence. It looks great in the fabrics you chose.