Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Raw Edges Rub Him Wrong

I made a Bulls Eye quilt using mostly Civil War fabrics as an exchange with a quilt bee that I belonged to a few years ago. It isn't my favorite quilt but it was a fun experience in the process of leaving unfinished edges on a quilt. The idea was to take a square and sew 3 different sized circles onto it leaving raw edges. Then cut the block into 4 squares and sew 4 different ones back together. We weren't supposed to worry about matching anything....which I found very difficult to do at first. However, the more blocks I put together, the easier it became to not worry about how they matched colorwise or seamwise. I continued a few half circles onto the border just for fun.
The idea is that as it is washed and dryed the edges will fray. However, this quilt hangs on a banister so doesn't get used much so the edges haven't frayed significantly yet.
We had an elderly gentleman (80+ years) stay with us a few weeks ago. He is a machine quilter in St. George, Utah. He pointed out to me that I "forgot" to finish the edges.....and....did I really "like" that look? It was quite funny.


Denise said...

holy cow....if you are 60+ and have been quilting for 30 years I just realized you started when you are about 30....just a spring chicken then. wow....i never knew! funny what we get reading the same paragraph 15 million times.

love you....all those 30+ (+more) years.

That Girl said...

That is a very unique quilt! Sometimes it's fun to make an un-conventional quilt...

Jennifer :)

Mrs Moen said...

I was laughing whan I read your post. A friend of mine took a class with a similar technique. When she came home, she unstiched the whole thing, and sew it back together with the seams on the "right" side.
I have made one quilt with the all the seams on the front, and regret I did not piece the blocks together the usual way.
Your quilt looks beautiful!

Guðrún said...

The quilt is great, I love the blue border.