Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Buggy Barn Experience!

The Buggy Barn experience!

I was raised in Spokane, Washington but now live in Utah. I also love Buggy Barn quilt patterns and always wanted to go to their store just outside of Spokane. So one day my friend, Janine, and I decided to hop on a plane, stay overnight with my sister, Jeanie, who lives in Spokane and visit the shop for ourselves. I need to add that I have a daughter who works for Southwest airlines so I fly free and she got a ticket for my friend also. Flying free, staying with my sister, more money to spend at the Buggy Barn!

As we were driving along, laughing and talking quilting, we almost missed the sign to the store. Janine yells, "There's the sign!" I slammed on the brakes, skidded around the corner, bumped down the lane and stopped right at the Barn. What a great store!! Hundreds of bolts of fantastic fabric, a wall of kits and books and quilts hanging on every wall, ceiling and even in the bathroom. We had a great time touching every fabric, looking at every pattern and picking out the perfect ones for us. As we were talking to the manager she mentioned that they were getting a shipment of their latest book ready to send to a quilt store in our hometown that we go to a lot. So after saying we would be happy to deliver them, they loaded us down with several books to deliver, a few bags of purchases and we were headed back to the airport. We must have looked honest for them to trust us to deliver the books. Of course, we had a few hours to thoroughly enjoy the books ourselves and of course decided that we just had to buy one when we got home.

This quilt is one of my favorite Buggy Barn patterns....I say that about all of them tho. Every young girl that sees it wants one for themselves. It is so soft and feminine and so simple to make. Of course, by the time I made this one I had already tackled a couple others so I knew what I was doing.

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Nicky and Patrick said...

I don't think I remember you going up there. That is lots of fun. I do agree with that quilt about every girl wanting one. The colors are great.