Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Never too old to learn a new trick!

I learned something new while talking to my youngest daughter, Nicky, the other day as we were looking at my blog. Found out I can click on the picture and see the quilt enlarged. What an exciting thing to learn.

I had so much fun making this Plump Chicken quilt. I loved finding all the black and white fabrics to use for the backgrounds and then going through my stash to find the fabrics for each of the chickens. The eyes are sequence and the quilting defines the wings. The binding looks like corn kernels and the back is pieced with lots of chicken fabrics. I used to make all my backings out of one fabric but I have a friend, Melory, who showed me how much fun it is to piece the backs of my quilts with fabrics that repeat the theme of the front. So much fun to make the back as interesting as the front.

My daughter, Denise, made the oak quilt rack for me and the vinyl lettering on the wall. It says, "Wrapped up in the warmth of a cozy old quilt". She made the rack in Illinois where she lives and gave it to me when I went out for a visit. We then packaged it up and mailed it home to myself in Utah. It hangs on a high wall in our living room. I went through a "chicken" phase and made a few chicken quilts.

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