Sunday, July 12, 2009

Several years ago I belonged to the KNOTT Bee. We had retreats where we would get together for a weekend and quilt, quilt, quilt. On one retreat we stayed in a house right next door to a fantastic quilt shop. I purchased most of these fabrics there and worked on this quilt the whole time. The palm trees were really fun to make since they were paper pieced. At first I tried to make sure the sky was perfectly placed around each house or dressing cabana but I found it more and more difficult to make sure the clouds and sky were perfectly placed but I think it turned out rather well anyway. I chose bright fabrics for the houses to give it a real tropical feel. This quilt spent a few years on the bed in the guest room. Since then the room has been turned into a grandchildren room so the bigger bed was replaced by bunk beds and the tropical vacation has been put away for now.

I have noticed since my daughters took these pictures that I am going to have to break down and buy a camera and learn how to use it with the computer. I would like to have added close up pictures to show some of the features better.

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Denise said...

Mom, call me sometime when you are in front of your computer. i will teach you how to crop one of the pictures so you CAN get a close up of certain parts. I am enjoying reading about my mom's passion and hobby! LOVE YOU!!