Saturday, July 25, 2009

I have such a good friend, Janine. She is always willing to go to quilt stores with me, start a new project and of course encourage me to make more quilts. She found this fabric that she thought described some of our adventures and made this quilt for me for my birthday. I love it! When I made her a quilt several years ago she didn't even sew. Now she makes quilts with me and is just as addicted as I am. Often she will buy fabric and then come to me and ask me to find a pattern that we can make. She always has enough fabric for both of us to make a quilt out of it. I bind them for her as payment. But I tell her I am getting the far better deal. Recently we made 4 quilts out of the same pinks and greens. We now have some blacks, whites and a red that we are going to start cutting out soon.

It has been 100+ degrees the last few days. The air conditioner hasn't seemed to keep the house cool. I finally figured out that the fan isn't going around so today I have a repairman coming out. It is just too hot to even move....good reason to look at quilting blogs!

I was so surprised today to check my blog and see that people other than my own family have made comments. It is so exciting to read what you have to say about my quilts. Thank you each for your comments. I had to hurry and check out your blogs also. I feel a little intimidated by all the great quilters out there but I am also inspired by the things that you do.

Happy quilting!

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jolie said...

What a nice present. I like the panels and she made a nice quilt.