Saturday, July 18, 2009

Road to Oklahoma

Since I started working full time I really miss attending a Quilt Bee. A few years ago while I was a member of a Bee several of us decided to make a patriotic Road to Oklahoma quilt. We each brought strips of reds, blues, and creams to share with each other. We spent the day sewing together and then went home to finish our own quilt top. Putting a couple of simple quilt blocks...a 4 patch and half square triangles...together results in blue stars surrounded in red. I never noticed the mistake I made until the quilt had been hanging on my stair railing for quite some time. If you look closely you may be able to see that the red surrounding the star in the 2nd row down, 2nd star from the left, doesn't connect correctly on the lower right area. When I first started quilting that mistake would have bothered me. But now I realize that I quilt because it is fun and relaxing and I love to see the finished product that I have created.....not because I want a "perfect" quilt.


Nicky and Patrick said...

That is one of my very favorite quilts. I loved helping to put all of the buttons on. One day I will make a quilt with buttons too:)

Kaye and Mike said...

Your quilts are fabulous! I admire you being able to enjoy your quilt without it being "perfect". I have a counted cross stitch that I didn't notice the flaw in it until my sister pointed it out (sometimes it bothers me though). We send you our love!

paid to click said...

wow thats some good work, i have wanted to try to make something like this