Sunday, July 26, 2009

O.k. So I hit a wrong button and the picture of the Sneaky Snakes quilt went on before I even wrote anything about it. This blogging stuff can be intimidating some times!

I have made several quilts for my grandchildren. A few years ago when my oldest daughter, Denise, had 2 little boys I decided to make them a Sneaky Snake quilt. Each snake is made from bright fabrics with 3 dimensional heads with beady eyes. All the snakes are creeping through the grass going in one direction....except one sneaky snake who is heading the other way. I couldn't find any cute snake fabric for the back so I used a bright colored lizard fabric. I knew I didn't want to scare them with real looking snakes. Jordan, one of my grandsons used to call me and give me ideas for their next quilt. It is fun that they are so appreciative all the quilts I make for them.


Denise said... can go to your "edit posts" and just EDIT the picture one next time if you hit the wrong key. Isn't this computer stuff fun? hehehee

Nicky and Patrick said...

Looks great! I really like that quilt too, my favorite is how all the mouths open up. I think that is fun. I am glad you got it to work from email:) Love ya!

Brenda said...

Lynda - who knew you were a blogger too! We do still meet - 2nd and 4th Wed. at Stitching Corner now. Great to hear from you. Love your quilts!