Monday, January 11, 2010

If Its a BOY

These are the receiving blankets that I have made for a future cuddly little boy baby. The giraffe fabric is one of my favorites. On a couple of them you can see that I tried using a very fuzzy yarn. It was much harder to work with because it wasn't one compact thread. The hook seemed to grab parts of the woven threads sometimes and I had to go back and make sure I had pulled all the threads through the tiny hole each time. I'm afraid they may tickle the baby so will have to be folded back away from his face.

I found this inner border fabric and thought I had to have a quilt with it. I added some yellow chenille squares also. Laura Erickson quilted this one too.
Now I think I have shown you most of the receiving blankets and quilts that I have made for Nicky's baby. Guess I'll wait to make more until I find out what it is!
Happy is the quilter! Lynda


Nicky and Patrick said...

I am a lucky person:) My kids are going to be set.

Mrs Moen said...

Your grandbaby is so lucky getting born into your family!
I have granson here with me now, so I'm getting my grandma-fix today:-)

Guðrún said...

You are so productive, always making something.

Helen said...

Gorgeous little bunny rugs Lynda. Your Peter Rabbit quilt is absolutely beautiful! I made B.B. so many Peter Rabbit quilts and I still have one "mini quilt" on my design wall - I'm making it a "match the pairs" as I still had lots of the panel blocks left. You have obviously been doing more sewing than me!! My room is still a jumbled mess, but I have finally moved a few "piles" around - it's amazing how much ironing I had in the corner!!! It's all done now and I feel that some sewing will now be achieved!