Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quilt Bee day.......finally!

Stash buster quilt: Today I got to go to our Quilt Bee that meets at the Stitching Corner fabric shop. This quilt was hanging over a quilt rack and we decided to take a picture of it for future reference. I really like the use of all the scraps and the 4 patches in the outside border too. The back was made from probably 8 different fabrics also.

This is Claudia working diligently on red work from a project that she has had for a couple of years and decided she needed to get busy on. She has some red fabrics from another unfinished project that she will put with this red work to make a quilt.

Suzanne appliquing leaves and flowers on a beautiful quilt. She also brought a wonderful Fall colored quilt that she wanted our opinion on the borders. In the end we decided on a narrow light gold border, followed by a pieced strip and then a rich red fabric outer border (you can see the red fabric on the table behind her). Suzanne does beautiful applique work that I quite envy.

And Ina putting the binding on a Young Women's Values quilt. She makes them for each of her granddaughters. This one used a coloring technique that was outlined with embroidery stitches. There are also cute little 3-dimensional flowers. Ina says no dull fabrics for her....she prefers bright cheerful fabrics.

Here is the 3rd Christmas quilt for the year that I was working on. I was so sure I would get so much done that I brought 2 sets of blocks ready to machine applique and I even brought the fabrics for Mrs. Moen's mystery quilt so I could get them cut out. With all the talking I only managed to complete the blocks for 1 quilt. I'm not complaining tho because it is just so much fun to see these women that I have missed so much. Thank you to them for changing their meeting day to work with my day off from work. Only 4 of us came today but hopefully more can make it next time.
As I was sewing away I noticed that my machine is sounding a little clunky and had a slight whistle or something. It is really time for a tune up for sure. How can I live without it for a few days tho????
Happy quilting to you all. Lynda


Sharon said...

It looks like you had a wonderful quilt bee! Sometimes it is hard to get a lot done with all the talking and eating we do....and that is just as important as sewing. Hope you get your machine back SOON. I always have an anxiety attack when I take my machine in...it's like leaving one of my children!

Mrs Moen said...

I'm so happy for you being able to get together with your group again. I too bring way to much work to mine, but still, we get something done, right? The social part is the most important:-)

Helen said...

Wow that's a great scrap quilt Lynda - those squares look awfully small.. could be a good group project with everyone sharing fabric - hope your machine won't need to be in "hospital" too long:-)

Denise said...

Ok....I want to do that YW Values quilt. Yeah, you heard right...ME. Well, maybe I could get the YW to do it....I just would like to see the squares she does. Are they drawn on or what? It gives me an idea.

Brenda said...

Look at you, bringing your camera to the bee! I should have stopped by, I forgot about it, since I run down to Payson on the last Tuesday of the month for a quilt of the month thing-y.

Guðrún said...

I like the stash buster quilt, I am cutting my scraps into 2" patches and intend to sew it into a quilt.