Sunday, January 3, 2010


O.K. Here is the 3 hour wonder boy quilt done. I quilted it. I know....I can't believe it either! I put a wavy line down the seams as suggested by a quilting blog friend and then tried to meander the border. Not bad...not great either....but finished. After I looked at it I thought I should have been more adventurous and quilted something in the white squares. Maybe next time. Can't tell if you can see that the back got a little ruffled in a couple of areas but I sure wasn't going to pick all those stitches out. I used flannel on the back so it would be nice and cuddly. Now to attempt the pink wonder girl quilt.

In my last post I showed a kit that I had purchased on Thursday. Here it is all put together. I love love love the fabrics. They are Moda Glace (I think). Sure is nice to use a line of fabrics so I know that they all go together. Also sure is nice that someone else cut out all those pieces and labeled them for me so all I had to do was sit down and sew. I really love the border fabric. This is the first of 2010 Christmas projects. Hope I keep up this momentum!
Boy I sure love quilting, documenting my addiction in this blog, and reading blogs from all of you and your experiences with quilting. Thanks for stopping by. Lynda


Sharon said...

Looks wonderful! They are both sweet quilts and good luck keeping up the momentum for the 2010 Christmas are off to a great start!

Pokey said...

Love it! So sweet.

Mrs Moen said...

Congratulations, Lynda, it looks beautiful! Well done!

Guðrún said...

The wonder boy quilt looks great.