Friday, November 6, 2009

I think I'm seeing Stars!

Yep, another Buggy Barn quilt. I really do love making them once I get going. This was one of the easier ones....not so many pieces to shuffle. Lavendar/purple is my favorite color and my daughter, Nicky, painted her bedroom deep purple a few years ago. This quilt with its softer colors looks so nice folded across the foot of the bed.
My 3 daughters should be quite proud of me that I can actually figure out how to use my new camera...taking pictures, downloading them onto the computer and then retrieving them to put on my blog. I really love my new camera!

A friend, Melory, once said a quilt needs an interesting back. So many times I try to use up the front fabrics on the back.
Today I am off to a quilt retreat with my Lazy Bee. None of us could be labeled lazy if you could see all the projects that are brought up those stairs at each retreat. They all met yesterday but I had to work....boy working sure gets in the way of my fun sometimes. Of course, it does pay for the addiction. Thanks for stopping by. Lynda


Helen said...

I love your "seeing stars" quilt! The colours are truly beautiful. Most of my quilts have just one fabric on the back, but seeing your pieced back has given me the incentive to have a go at using up the leftover fabrics on the back, so thanks! Is your star quilt a template pattern, foundation pieced or a cutting technique? I just love those wonky stars!

Brenda said...

Gorgeous, I hope you all had fun at Suzanne's!