Sunday, November 22, 2009

Santa Cats

A few weeks ago I admired this pattern by Mrs. Moen (see her blog on the right side of my blog). She unselfishly sent me the pattern along with a few others that she has created. It was quite fun to make. I really love the expressions on the cats faces. I tried to machine quilt with just straight lines but I think maybe my walking foot is not working right since it seemed to push the fabric causing little pinched areas. But it was very easy to make and I think it turned out quite cute. I added tiny pom poms to the ends of the hat. Thank you Nina for the cute pattern. I think I may make another one using brighter Christmas fabrics.

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Mrs Moen said...

I canot believe I missed this post; I must have been off line that day. Your cats turned out great, Lynda!