Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Mad Sewer

Is English the only language that takes one word, spells it the same, gives it 2 or more pronunciations and meanings and expects us all to know which one is being used at any given moment??? I labeled this the "Mad in someone who sews and sews and sews all day. Not "sewer" like something you see when you look down a manhole.

I was quite unhappy that I didn't make it to my grandson's 12th birthday in Illinois so I spent many hours on Saturday huddled over my sewing machine trying to finish, and start, some projects to make myself feel better. These pictures are of a Noahs Arc quilt I started over 8 years ago when my daughter, Denise, was pregnant with her 2nd son, Spencer. It was really a lot of work. I taped up the pattern on a window, traced around every single little piece onto fusible web, ironed every single little piece onto fabric, cut out every single little piece....well you get the picture. After I machine blanket stitched around it all I really wasn't happy with the end result. Therefore, I never finished it, stuffed it into a closet with the binding half on and made him a chenille quilt, which I think he still loves.
Now that I pulled this out of a closet and relooked at it...I find I like it quite a bit now. The binding is now completely on and it is ready to be given away. (Denise, are you ready for another baby?)

I love the colorful birds in each corner and the way the monkeys are just hanging out.

This is the fabric I used on the back. Really bright and cheerful. I'm glad I found it and especially that I like it now.


Nicky and Patrick said...

I don't remember that one at all. I think it's great. I think Denise should have another;)

Denise said...

hahahahahaha! NO can do! But I do have to say I did chuckle....another quilt is what you were talking about, right! ;) As for the baby? Well, the two families that have the exact number of children I do, and have had them about the same time....(as in ages of our children)...well, BOTH of them have adopted another. Is it an omen? I don't know...but I do love the quilt. And yes, Spencer STILL loves his quilt!